In the nineties, when Near Dark still released a lot of stuff occasionally I also did some drawing work once in a while. Here's some notable pieces:

Near Dark had its own disk magazine called DISK (De Idiootste Software Krant). As disk magazine, one needs to have some extra software attached to it, so there was a software menu. I was allowed to draw the background of DISK 3. It's screen 8 (256x212x256).

DISK was abandoned in 1996. In 1997 there was a compilation edition containing the biggest bull shit. We had to come up with some kind of MSX'ish abbreviation you see. I drew the header of this magazine.

Well, actually... I took the title logo from DISK 6 which was drawn by Peter Meulendijks of Umax and the rest of the graphics from Tweety's Choise. I still know that Choise should have been Choice, but it's too late now. But those graphics were definitively by my hand.

I only drew the logo and the font in this screen. It's Soepfiskje. The first music disk we ever made.

Tweety's Choise - indeed, with the typo - was totally drawn by me. Below some screenshots.

First the frequency selector.

Then there's the intro demo.

After a space bar press there's the menu.

The Tweeplayer is next. The Tweety in this screen got converted to the header of DISK BBS.

There's also Tweety in action in which Tweety is running like hell because he/she (?) is hunted by Sylvester.

And at the end there's the credits scroller.

The final picture is Vampire girl

First I drew the background. This is the castle of Vianden in Luxemburg. Later I drew the lady in front. it was copied on a plastic sheet with a fine liner from a poster in a magazine called Scrye (a magazine about card games like Magic the gathering). I merged both together later. It took seven hours to draw each picture in screen 7 (512x212x16). Now you see this picture, you understand why the legs are cut off in the right side bar...

The picture appeared in the Dutch MSX Magazine MSX Computer and Club Magazine 85. Here is a scan of the page.

And here is a picture of the original