MSX Music

MSX Music + MSX Audio

Arcturus - Nightmare Heaven
Ashguine 2 soundtrack
dIIIsk preview
Dismal Euphony - Et Vintereventyr
Fantasm Soldier II - Sacret Sacrifice
Finntroll - Jaktens Tid
Fray - Flight (Dogfight)
He's a Pirate
Meits - Kier Kracht's Paradise
Meits - Noises of Conquest
Outrun - Magical Sound Shower
Rune Master
Space Manbow - Raw Cover
Super Runner
Tweety's Choise promo
Undeadline - Intro
Ys - Tigray Quarry


Alto - Hell on Wheels
Amorphis - Black Winter Day
Amorphis - Drowned Maid
Amorphis - Folk of the North
Amorphis - Magic and Mayhem
Amorphis - The Smoke
Disk Strategy II
Dutch Moonsound Veterans pre-release
Dutch Moonsound Veterans promo
Illusion City - Home
Illusion City - The one who rules the Heavens
King Kong II
Meits - Happy Heineken
Meits - So, now you know it
Metal Gear - Basement
Near Dark 3.33 promo
Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror
SD Snatcher - Case closed
SD Snatcher - Exclusion
SD Snatcher - Modern Crusade
SD Snatcher - Propaganda
SD Snatcher - Resistance
SD Snatcher - Strange Overture
The Gathering - Eleanor
The Offspring - Amazed
The Offspring - Gone away
Treasure of Usas - Stage 1
Type O Negative - Love you to Death
Vampire Killer - Heart of Fire
Vampire Killer - Wicked Child
Xak II - Boroz Forest
Ys - The Syonin

MSX Music

Mapax - Merry Christmas 2017


First SFG-05 Tests

Moonsound + MSX Music + MSX Audio + SCC

Das Piratenboot (Higemaru)
Venom strikes back


Athletic Land
F-1 Spirit
Highway Star
Kyokugen stage 1
Nemesis II
Nemesis III
Penguin adventure
River Raid
Road Fighter level A
Road Fighter level B
Space Manbow

Synthesizer Music

Note that most of the SD Snatcher tunes are just raw transcriptions of the actual notes to be used for an remake of this game. Jorito uses the notes to make something better out of it. Check his Soundcloud page to find out what he does with my notes.